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Monday, October 10, 2011

An the Go Garlic Noodles at Moveable Feast San Jose

I first read about An the Go on the Moveable Feast Facebook page. Moveable Feast is to San Jose what Off the Grid is to San Francisco, gatherings of multiple food trucks all in one location for very short windows of time, usually around three hours.

There was an Antique's Fair in the parking lot of the Garden City casino and restaurant on a Saturday morning and afternoon so Moveable Feast would be there.

I studied each of the trucks menus online a week ahead and decided that of everything I'd read I was most interested in sampling An the Go's Garlic Noodles. At the time I didn't realize their Garlic Noodles were "famous" up in San Francisco.

In total there were six trucks that day with a small covered area of seating (chairs only) and lots of curb seating along the side and front of Bank of the West.

I found An the Go's truck no problem. How could I miss it?

Chairman Bao and Treatbot both had long lines all day.

There were lines everywhere but they all moved pretty quickly so waiting isn't really a problem. The biggest problem is getting there early enough before the trucks sell out of their best dishes.

I got in line at and already knew what I wanted to order: The Stir Fry Vegetables ($2.50) over the Garlic Noodles ($7.50).

Props to the guy working the window of the truck that day. He was the friendliest food truck counter person I've met to date. Which was nice. Most times you feel shuffled along, almost cafeteria style, so to really be genuinely greeted was a nice touch.

And this is notable: An the Go accepts credit cards. A lot of the trucks take cash only.

I'd brought a pair of chopsticks with me in a travel container because I knew I'd need them to avoid throwing away disposable eating utensils.

This was my order. It was huge. Enough to last me for three meals. Nicely fried broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and fried tofu atop the Garlic Noodles.

The noodles were perfectly cooked, soft but firm and the flavor of the garlic and seasonings permeated every nook and cranny. It was delicious!

A little later my friend Loretta joined me. She decided to go right next door to An the Go . .

"The Magnificent Trio"

Loretta ordered their Magnificent Trio ($9.50), a combination of Chinese-style fried chicken drumsticks, Hawaiian-marinated beef taco and Hawaiian-marinated Spam musubi (rice ball).

She said that everything tasted great. The only drawback was the beef taco was so over filled with beef she couldn't pick it up and eat it without everything falling out. Though I'm not sure that's really a drawback when you're given so much great food you have to use a fork to get all of it :)

I was still so full of veggies and Garlic Noodles I didn't have room for dessert but Loretta decided to try some of the ice cream from Treatbot a karaoke ice cream truck.

She went south of the border with scoops of Eastside Horchata and Mexican Chocolate in a waffle bowl ($4.00).

Other flavors that day included Bollywood Pistachio, French Apple Pie, Raspberry Sorbet, Pumpkin and Tiger Uppercut (Orange & Fudge).

You can also make a custom ice cream sandwich with a single scoop of ice cream tucked between cookies. That day the cookie flavors were Peanut Butter and Almond Joe.

These days the sight of a row of food trucks all lined up bumper to bumper makes my heart go pitter patter. I'm having such a blast trying them all out one by one.

But for the Garlic Noodles I learned you don't have to track down An the Go on the street to have them. The An family also owns Crustacean, a restaurant on Polk Street, and Thanh Long, on Judah Street, both in San Francisco.

Other An the Go Menu Items Included:
  • Skewers of Lemongrass Beef, Lemongrass Chicken, 5 Spice Pork and Yuzu Shrimp
  • Vietnamese Crispy Roll Coconut Prawn with Tangy Orange Mustard Dip
  • Mixed Green Salad with Soy Ginger Miso Dressing
  • And along with Fiji water and sodas they also offer Vietnamese Coffee
The An Family also has several Southern California restaurant locations where you can try their Garlic Noodles so if you have the chance, give them a try. If you love them half as much as I did you'll love them a lot :)

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