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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The World's Biggest Corn Maze

I had no idea there was a 45 acre corn maze right in my backyard! Well, technically it's about two hours north of my backyard.

When my friend Kathleen posted on Facebook last weekend "Who wants to go to the 45 acre corn maze up by Vacaville?" meaning the Dixon Corn Maze, I replied immediately I'd like to go!

A video that includes my top 11 tips about corn mazing.

I'd never been to a corn maze before so this was a big adventure for me. Well, and for you too if you've never been through a corn maze :)

The corn field was huge!

So the very next day Kathleen and I and both of our hubbies headed up to Dixon which is located between Vacaville and Davis just past the Nut Tree outlet mall as you head towards Sacramento on interstate 80.

Prices are reasonable with some activities being free of charge and others with nominal rates.

When you arrive you park for free in a lot and walk through giant U-pick pumpkin patches where an astounding variety of pumpkins are grown. Here are just a few different kinds we saw that day:

Large and flat orange pumpkins a half and half orange and white pumpkin that looked like a giant acorn, large white and green pumpkins and a weird wart covered orange pumpkin that looked like it has a case of the chicken pox.

There's a few tipis. . .

And lots of tiny doll houses large enough for kids and adults to step inside and pose for photos.

There's a huge straw pile that you can climb. . .

And all kinds of amenities including a food cart, coffee shop, ATM machine, porta potties and small gift items where you pay for your tickets.

And then we headed into the maze. It's crazy! The corn is so tall and there are so many dead ends that if you don't have someone with you who can read a map you can literally get lost for hours. LOL. I read online that 90 minutes is the average time it takes people to make it through the maze. We were out in 66 minutes thanks to our great navigating team.

Left or right?

Some times you have to choose between two paths, other times we'd reach a cross road where there were five directions to choose from. *gasp, gasp, thud.*

After a while you start making "corny" maze jokes like "you can't go wrong if you go right." And "when we said turn right we meant your other right on your left."

That's the map in the foreground. It kind of makes your eyes go wonky when you first look at it. In the video I listed my top 11 tips if you plan to go through the maze. In case you can't or didn't watch it I'll share the two most important with you here:

  1. Go early in the season before it rains
  2. Bring a pen to route your course on the paper map

Although if you go late they are hosting one of the largest single pumpkins smashes in the world! Last year, a Volkswagen bug was used to smash a 1,000-pound pumpkin at the patch. The brothers are looking for a larger pumpkin this year.

After 66 minutes of fast paced walking I was parched! Lemonade never tasted so good :)

On our way out we saw these really cute Angry Bird hand painted pumpkins. They would be an easy DIY project if you're proficient at hand painting.

They even had the Angry Bird pigs and one was sitting in a sling shot!

If you know this sign along interstate 80 you know where the Dixon Corn Maze is. You take the exit and drive just yards along the frontage road alongside the highway and you're there! It's that easy.

If you go, let me know how fast your time was. We're going to go again next year and try to beat this year's time. It's going to be our new autumnal tradition.

And thanks to Kathleen for posting about wanting to go on Facebook. Had she not I'd still be corn maze deprived.

Dixon Corn Maze - CLICK HERE to visit their website
6585 Milk Farm Road
Dixon,CA 95620

Open daily September 16th - November 6th, 2011
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Kids 5 and under can go into the maze for free
Kids 12 and under for $8
Adults are $10

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