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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kitai as "The Woz" a Segway Polo Playing Pup

This year I decided to dress up Kitai as a very special someone. He's a dog and cat lover, has a great sense of humor, is a Segway polo player and he also just happened to be the co-founder of Apple Inc. That's right! Kitai was none other than "The Woz." I had a vision in my head that it would be really cute to make Kitai his very own miniature Segway. It turned out to be surprisingly easy to do! I'll show you how in just a bit.

The Woz in a 2011 Segway Polo tournament with the Funky-Move Turtles

Kitai's Segway came complete with a kickstand and reflector. At first the mallet freaked him out a little bit but a few treats later and he was happy to sit and pose for pictures.

Does anyone need a green astro turf rug with two feet cut out of one end?

Here's a little sample of Segway Polo in action.

In case you're wondering, here's how I made the miniature Kitai-sized Segway:
  1. I took a piece of plywood and cut two same sized pieces with a handheld jigsaw
  2. I taped them together with black electrical tape along the edges
  3. I used a drill to drill two, side by side holes into the base to insert the base of the handle (glue)
  4. I drilled two side by side holes into a slightly larger wooden dowel for the handle bars (glue)
  5. I drilled a small hole in the bottom to add the kickstand on the left side (glue)
  6. I then wrapped the entire thing in more of the black electrical tape
  7. When the entire base was covered in tape I added the small, self adhesive reflector purchased at a hardware store
  8. Next I added the tires, also purchased at a hardware store and screwed them into the top layer of plywood on each side
  9. The final step was adding black felt to each side of the handle bar to create the hand grips using a spray adhesive

Strike a pose!

View more of Kitai's past Halloween costumes at www.CutestDogEver.com

Over the Years with Woz

Over the years we've had a lot of fun with Woz once even hanging out at a donut shop late one night with the guys in tuxedos LOL.

We hope Woz enjoys his little, fuzzy, Kitai, mini-me, Halloween look-a-like. Hopefully, someday, we can get a photo of the two of them in uniform together :)

A special thanks to George for the pictures of Woz's jersey and Segway and to Janet for helping me pull off this surprise for Woz.

Bwaaa haaa haaa little did I know! I thought Kitai just took naps and chased the cat around when I leave him home alone. Turns out he's an international, jet setting, polo player. Here he is playing in a tournament in Germany earlier this year. Thanks to Olaf at Funky-Move Turtles for sending me this picture and for making sure Kitai wore a helmet:

For the curious I've added what it cost to make this costume:

Materials I already had:
Wooden Dowels: mallet, handle bar t-stand and kick stand
Plywood: Segway base
Red, White, Blue, Black, Felt: jersey details
Black Electrical Tape: Segway
Yellow Paint for Mallet
Arms: Recycled from Dog Whisperer Costume

Materials I had to purchase:
Wheels $9.98
Reflectors $2.19
Screws $0.78
Screw Bit $4.79
Fabric for Pants $1.99
Fabric for Jersey $3.33
Spray Adhesive $12.99
Artificial turf $8.99

Sub Total before tax $45.04

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