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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Newbie Blogging 101 Seminar Schedule & Gift Certificates

I'll soon be announcing the 2012 Bay Area schedule for my "Newbie Bloging 101" seminar for January through March 2012 and would love to receive feedback about what days and locations will be most convenient for those of you interested in taking it. I know you're all really busy so please tell me, do you prefer:

• Weekdays vs Weekends?
• Mornings vs Afternoons?
• What city would be most convenient for you to attend a seminar?

JUST CLICK HERE to view the class description and send me your suggestions via the contact form on my Girl Goes Geek website.

The seminar covers many different areas of blogging including the most FAQ questions like which platform to choose (Wordpress or Blogger), how do SEO (search engine optimization) and keywords work and whether or not to allow comments. I also cover aspects that people often don't consider like blogging etiquette, legal considerations and how to promote your blog. With a few exceptions, for most of us, building a blog isn't like Field of Dreams. Those who believe if they build it, readers will come may be sadly disappointed that readers don't come fast enough. Yet with a few basic steps you can increase traffic to your blog with a minimal amount of effort.

And just in time for the holidays, beginning today I'm now offering Gift Certificates for this seminar. Order one for a friend, colleague or family member and have it shipped to you or your recipient by USPS or online as a PDF.

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