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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picking the Right Wedding DJ

Professional MC and Wedding DJ Carl Mindling and I became great friends from the moment we met partly because I quickly realized two things about him: We shared very similar business ethics and we both appreciated small details. I've always felt that people who are detail oriented are the ideal personality type to work in the wedding industry because a wedding is many details, both small and large, that all come together to create one very important and memorable day.

Recently we were at dinner with wedding photographer Elley Ho who thought it was really cool that Carl makes the effort to match his neck ties to his client's wedding colors. He'll even go out and purchase a new tie when he doesn't have one that will match! That's when Elley suggested a truly original idea, she said Carl should photograph his tie collection and put it on his website. What a GREAT IDEA!

Even in a tux Carl will go the extra mile for his brides and grooms. While most black tie weddings literally require a black bow tie, every now and then a bride or groom will ask him to wear a color that complements their wedding colors.

For instance at this wedding at San Francisco's City Hall (where I worked as Carl's assistant) the bride and groom even ordered custom made purple carpeting for their ceremony and reception. So Carl gladly wore a purple bow tie and cummerbund. I don't think every DJ is willing to go to such great lengths to make his clients happy.

You can read more about why Carl cares so much about being a perfect match for his clients on his website by CLICKING HERE or on his Blog by CLICKING HERE.

Here's the thing, I would like to dispel the perception, held by many, that all wedding DJ's are cheesy or tacky. There are some good ones out there but they are few and far between so not everyone has enjoyed the unique experience of seeing a truly professional Wedding DJ at work.

How to spot one when you're interviewing DJ's for your event? They will care about more than just when and where to show up and telling you what brand of equipment they use. They will care about details like what color to wear. At the end of the day Carl is a DJ who cares, not just a little, he cares a lot about doing everything he can do to help create the most successful event possible for his clients.

Photos of Carl at Kohl Mansion by: Teresa Halton

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