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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Call Tipsy Tow in Northern, CA, NV and UT if you're too drunk to drive home on NYE

If you drink, you don't have to drive. Especially on New Year's Eve. This morning I found out about a program called "Tipsy Tow" from my friend Holly. AAA's Tipsy Tow is a free 10 mile tow home after 6:00 PM Dec. 31st until 6:00 AM Jan. 1st. The coolest part? You don't even have to be a member of AAA to use the service so if you're going out to party on NYE load this number into your smart phone right now in case you need a ride this weekend: 800-222-4357 or remember 800-AAA-HELP and ask for a "Tipsy Tow"

To find out if the program is offered in your city in CA, NV or UT CLICK HERE and enter your Zip Code. If the website directs you to the Tipsy Tow page the service is available where you live. If it directs you to the AAA home page it is not offered where you live.

Here in Northern California there's no need to drink and drive. There are several options:

Northern California: (800) 222-4357 AAA's Tipsy Tow Free within 10 miles 6:00 PM December 31, 2011 through 6:00 AM January 1, 2012. The service will provide a one-way ride for the driver and vehicle to the driver's home. If there are additional passengers who need a ride, they will be taken to the driver's home as long is there is sufficient room for them to be transported safely in the tow truck.
AlamedaBerkeleyOakland: (800) 281-4488 for free Veteran Cab ride cab home within the city limits (up to $35). Rides home can be given from the East Bay to San Francisco, but not from San Francisco to the East Bay. Patrons must pay any remaining balance in cash. Credit cards will not be accepted.
Sacramento: (916) 444-2222 for a free Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento (up to $35). Patrons must be picked up at a restaurant, hotel, or bar within Downtown Sacramento to qualify for a free ride. Rides home must be within Sacramento.
San Francisco For a free ride within the city (up to $35) call Luxor Cab at (415) 282-4141.

The cab rides listed above are Courtesy of Berg Injury Lawyers
They will be offering their Safe and Sober program from 10 p.m. Saturday, January 31, 2011 through 4 a.m. Sunday, January 1, 2012. Due to the program's popularity, a cap of $35 per ride is in place so you'll need to pay the difference over that amount. For a ride home call the appropriate cab company listed above and tell them the ride is on Berg Injury Lawyers. BTW Kudos to Berg Injury Lawyers. I can tell you right now sponsoring a service like this, not everyday TV Commercials, is what has now made your company memorable to me.

There are safe driving programs set up nationwide so even if Tipsy Tow is not available in your area there's a chance another program is. CLICK HERE to view a nationwide list of both free and paid options to get you home safely and keep everyone else on the road safe over New Year's Eve.

AAA Offers Free Tipsy Tow in Northern California, Nevada and Utah on New Year Eve; Other Free Ride Options

Arrested in San Jose? Call Zig Zag Bail Bonds
Recently I watched a tv show about how much it sucks to get arrested for DUI or DWI. First of all it's humiliating. You have to take that field sobriety test on the side of the road. On the show the woman who failed was then arrested, booked, shackled to a metal pipe in a jail cell and had to call a friend for help to be bailed out. It's also expensive. The fines and court costs add up quickly, you'll lose your car for months or a year and possibly go to jail. Like I said, it all sucks.

And that's the good news because if you managed to get yourself arrested without injuring or killing an innocent bystander the amount of fines and jail time will be far lower than if you do. And of course there's always the chance you'll injure or kill yourself. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!


Santa Clara's Main Jail

Even when you're doing everything right life can turn on a dime and everything you have today, your health, your home, your friends, family and job can be gone in an instant so don't tempt fate and take a risk like driving buzzed or drunk. Please, don't do it. Think of everything you have and everyone you love and call for a ride. Not just on NYE, every day of the year.

BTW, I can afford to help friends with no money for a cab who find themselves stranded because they're too buzzed or drunk to drive (or the person you rode with is no longer safe to drive with) by coming to pick you up. I cannot however, afford to bail you out of jail.

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