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Sunday, February 26, 2012

24 hours riding "The Deuce" in Las Vegas #24holv

Special K riding and photographing on "The Deuce." Follow along at #24holv

Yes, it's that time of year again. The time when my my friend Special K and his friend b1-66er (who I've met once and had a lovely dinner conversation with but I don't think that really qualifies us as friends so I've decided to refer to him as my friend's friend) do their annual challenge for their blog 24 Hour Enterprises.

In the beginning they would watch TV for 24 hours changing the station (I think) at 15 minute intervals. Last year they went all out and decided to fly to NYC to ride the Staten Island Ferry for 24 hours straight. They even posted this picture of Manhattan at dawn. Gorgeous!

This year they decided to take on Las Vegas. Instead of blogging, they've been tweeting since after noon yesterday and have gambled the strip from the Venetian to an AM PM.
the plan is to flip a coin every 20 minutes. if we flip off-bus, we go to the nearest casino** (no repeats, thank you) and play 'til we win, then get back on the bus. we gamble in a window of 20 minutes. if we win, we get back on the bus. if after 20 minutes, we're behind, we play for 20 minutes more on a game that i consider to be more "winnable."***

there are dead spots on the ride where no casinos exist. during those moments, we're putting the timer on "pause," restarting when we get back in gaming territory.

whenever we get "meal hungry," we'll just put the timer on pause and dine leisurely ... but that can only happen in conjunction with off-bus.
For the most part they seem to be up on the winning, there are some odd photos that remind me of something you'd see on an episode of CSI, and when I woke up this morning I had a good laugh at two of their most recent, sleep deprived posts. There are a few hours left if you'd like to follow along or tweet them. Just CLICK HERE #24holv

Here are some of my favorite pictures and tweets since the challenge started yesterday afternoon:

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