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Sunday, February 26, 2012

After our 74º Thursday I thought a 59º Saturday would be cold

Then my mom sent me a photo of the blizzard that dropped a blanket of white over her neighborhood yesterday morning.

So, I sent back a photo of our weather here in Northern, California. LOL. OK, I admit it was kind of mean. But, I only did it because I've been trying to convince her and my dad to come visit but they hate to travel.

She kept telling me how much my dad loves to shovel snow. It's true. He does. So he must be pretty happy in this picture! The crazy thing is there was no snow on the ground the day before.

But there's no snow here in San Jose, only pink flowers. Every year the Bay Area goes pink when these ornamental plum trees begin blooming.

They're everywhere! You'll see them in yards, parking lots and even off the side of HWY 280 in Cupertino.

Their red/burgandy colored leaves emerge while or shortly after they're done blooming. If you're looking for a beautiful ornamental tree for your yard in zones 4-9 the Thundercloud Flowering Plum is a beauty.

The trees I've seen here in the Bay Area bear no fruit though I've read online some will.

I really love this picture. It's backlit. That's why the branches look so dark.

Hubby and I were driving down the street when we saw a row of them along the side of the road. So, we pulled over because that's how we roll.

And here's a photo hubby took of me with his phone showing my very bad form while taking pictures. I think you're supposed to hold your arms as close to your body as possible so you can brace the camera, which reduces camera shake. Busted. LOL

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