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Monday, February 20, 2012

Fantastico! That's Italian for Fantastic

I think. LOL

The past few days I've been dabbling in Italian to create some content at www.HelpingCristina.org so that people who live in Italy can read her website in Italiano. From what I can tell, Italiano is the word people in Italy use to say "Italian."

The other day Cristina's dad sent me an email and at the end he said "Fantastico, Ciao" which made me realize I'm learning bits and pieces of Italian as I help him with his daughter's bone marrow drive.

But that's not all I've learned. There is now one news article and one tv interview on Cristina's website in Italian... I mean Italiano :)

In the Omni News Italian Edition Cristina's father Tony had a minute on camera. It was neat, for me, to see Tony because we've been emailing and talking on the phone ever since he found my MarrowDrives.org website. Seeing him on video I can now easily imagine talking to him whenever we talk on the phone. It's funny how I feel like we've known each other for much longer than just 17 days!

And another family member has been helping me with the English to Italian translation via email for Cristina's website. Thank you Leonardo.

So now there are three pages on Cristina's website that are written in Italian. They are the:

• Home Page
• Printable Flyer the tear away tabs are still in English since they are the website URL

I've even messaged a bit with Cristina's younger brother Anthony who each Wednesday at 6:00 PM (EST) asks the world to tweet #HopeForCristina. Last week it became a trending topic on Twitter Canada. We're hoping to push it there again this week but in the US too.

Sometimes I'm left in awe at what is now possible thanks to the internet. It truly is what you make of it.

And if you know anyone who can only read Italian please send them the link to the Italian version of Cristina's website home page at: http://marrowdrives.org/cristina/index-italian.html

The entire Di Corte family would appreciate it if you would and so would I :)

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