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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have you ever been featured on The Flirty Blog?

If you have, do you share the feature or review post with visitors to your website or blog? If you don't it's probably a wasted publicity opportunity because what I said about you was probably pretty flattering!

Hyegraph wedding invitations and calligraphy has been featured on The Flirty Blog. The other day I received an email from them to let me know they had used one of my web badges to link over to the blog posts about them on the testimonials page of their website. The badge is the little icon on the lower right side of the sidebar.

I have a whole page of them online. Below are the step by step explanation of how to use them so that you can send readers to the post I've written about you.

In a nutshell you copy the code from The Flirty Guide.com web badge page and paste it into an HTML blog widget or gadget for your sidebar. Or you can paste it directly into a blog post or web page.

The code will look confusing like this: 

 <a href="http://URLtoYourBlogPostGoesHere.com" target="_blank"><img src= "http://theflirtyguide.com//badges/the-flirty-blog-weddings.jpg" border=0 height=180 width=180></a>

But it actually breaks down very simply into three basic elements:

 <a href="http://URLtoYourBlogPostGoesHere.com" target="_blank"><img src= "http://theflirtyguide.com//badges/the-flirty-blog-weddings.jpg" border=0 height=180 width=180></a>

1. The blue parts create the link
2. The red part is the image
3. The orange part is the url the image will go to when someone clicks on the image

All you need to do is:

• Copy the code
• Locate the url to link to
• Upload the code to your blog or website

To do this you'll need to find the direct url to the post about your company. I'm using a recent post I did about Frost Cupcake Factory to illustrate how to do this.

In the browser window the url reads as http://theflirtyguide.blogspot.com

When you first arrive on the blog the url in your browser will probably read http://theflirtyguide.blogspot.com. You want a url that includes the title (or at least the beginning of the post title) in the url itself. So if the post title is orange, clicking on the post title you will be taken directly to that particular post and the direct url will be revealed.


After clicking on the post title it takes me to the direct url above. You'll also notice that now the post title is brown instead of orange. This means it is no longer a link and you are on the page for this individual post.

Here is the url larger and highlighted. This is what you want to copy and paste into the coding to make the web badge bring you directly to the post about you!

So if Frost Cupcake Factory wanted to use the "We were featured" badge below the code would read this way:

<a href="http://theflirtyguide.blogspot.com/2012/01/frost-cupcake-factory-my-new-favorite.html" target="_blank"><img src= "http://theflirtyguide.com//badges/the-flirty-blog-general-topics-we.jpg" border="0" alt="The Flirty Blog" height="200" width="140" /></a>

There are lots of badges to choose from. I created them in first person so if you have no employees you can say "I" or "My" was featured on The Flirty Blog. . .

And I made the same badges with a "We" and "Our" in case you have a partner or employees. Either way the code all works the same.

Click Here to go to the web badge page on The Flirty Guide. And let me know if you have any questions about how to link to a post about your company here on The Flirty Blog. I'd be happy to help you learn how to do this.

 If you want to make web badges for your own blog or website CLICK HERE for the tutorial
 "How to Design and Code Web Badges."

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