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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stories from the Shoebox made me laugh

Oh the horror. As a blogger I can only imagine being a victim of the Picassa deletion phenomenon that's taken place across the internet ever since Google+ was launched. It's been a while so I thought Google had come up with a better warning system to let new Google+ users know that if they delete the Picasa web albums they see on Google+ they aren't deleting copies of their Picasa albums, even though they're logged into Google+, they are deleting their original albums over on Picasa where all of their blog photos are stored.

It's not until a blogger goes to their Blogspot blog and sees this that they realize something's amiss.

So, when I received comments from a reader on a post I wrote warning people about this phenomenon I felt so bad for her I went to her blog to read her post "An Open Letter to Google." And it was HILARIOUS! I felt bad laughing at her misfortune but I couldn't help it. After tweeting that she hated Google Adrienne says:
. . .But then? I got scared. Aside from being out of character and unprofessional of me. I was really second guessing my decision to tweet bash you. I got all worried you might take me out. I mean, I'm just some lowly mom who writes on Blogger. But, doesn't that pretty much mean you own me? So perhaps tweeting that I hate you wasn't the best move. SO? I deleted my tweet like a coward with no shame. . 
LOL. I love Adrienne's humor. Really love it. Plus her post contains a valuable warning for other Blogspot users.

In the hopes of cheering her up a bit I went ahead and signed up for her RSS feed to subscribe to her blog.

For anyone curious my favorite reader is NetNewsWire Lite.

Then I followed her on the friend connect feature on Google...

See, I did it!

Then I followed her on Twitter. I bet if you go check out her blog it'll cheer her up just a bit. Not enough to make up for losing all of her photos but new visitors always makes a blogger feel better :)

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