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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where to have brunch in Pleasanton, CA

Where or where did I have this French Toast?

A lunch and dinner restaurant, Eddie Papa's only serves brunch on the weekends from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. When I went a few weeks ago I was torn between ordering the Bananas Foster French Toast or the Red Velvet Waffles.

I chose the Bananas Foster French Toast. It only had three banana slices on it, which I found a little odd because I expected it to be kind of slathered in bananas. Even then it was delicious! While there weren't a lot of bananas there was plenty of French Toast and it was made exactly the way French Toast should be prepared. It was served hot, the custard was tasty, the bread had a nice firmness to it and the Bananas Foster sauce drizzled over the plate was perfection. There was so much I could only eat half the order.

On the menu it says:
Bananas Foster French Toast

The original dessert was created at Brennan's in New Orleans in 1951. Our version uses rum custard soaked in Acme Bread, brown sugar, bananas and cinnamon. Choice of bacon or sausage

Since I'm vegetarian the waitress gladly offered to bring me a cup of fruit salad instead.

No matter what time of day you dine at Eddie Papa's your check always comes with freshly spun cotton candy!

But I couldn't get the Red Velvet Waffles out of my head so a few weeks later I went back to try them. It was dessert for breakfast. The portion was perfect. I ate the whole thing and didn't feel too full.

Note: The menu says "Waffles," as in plural, but I received one big, Belgian style, waffle. It was definitely red and came with maple syrup, fresh strawberries and a scoop of pecan, cream cheese, butter. It was so good! The waffle was sweet, the pecan butter was rich, creamy and nicely flavored, the fresh strawberries added a nice contrast with a little tang and the maple syrup tied everything together.

Between the two options I liked the Red Velvet Waffle just a teensy bit more than the French Toast. But if I were really hungry, or if you have a big appetite, the French Toast may be a better bet because of the larger portion size.

The cotton candy the second time was lavender. There's nothing quite like freshly spun cotton candy. When I was a kid it was my most favorite sweet treat and I only had it a few times a year. Let's see there was the circus, the state fair, and the Ice Capades. Yeah, I think that was it. So imagine how cool it is to be able to have it now anytime I go to Eddie Papa's. Though I must confess, I have a cotton candy maker at home but I never use it. It would be too dangerous to start. If I bring it out I'd probably make it everyday. So instead, I wait until I visit Eddie Papa's and enjoy it there. It keeps it more special that way :)

Eddie Papa's
4889 Hopyard Rd
Pleasanton, CA 94588

Saturday & Sunday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

And if you're attending the Pleasanton Bone Marrow Drive for Janet Liang today (Sunday Feb. 19, 2012), before or after you attend the drive you can also go have brunch at Eddie Papa's. On the map "A" is Amador Valley High School where the donor drive is taking place and "B" is Eddie Papas. See how easy it would be to do both?

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