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Saturday, March 3, 2012

My flirty car wish list

Over the past few years I've thought a lot about what car I'll want when it's time to replace my current (runs great but looks pretty bad) 18 year old car. For my future new car I'm thinking electric. I've also been thinking small for fuel efficiency and ease of parking. The latest object of my desire is completely impractical and not even available to purchase but it's so cute I want one! Here's a rundown of the cars I've wanted. . .

The Aptera, Electric Smart Car and Birds Eye Pea Car

I just showed the Pea Mobile to hubby and he said it doesn't look safe to drive on the road. I agree. He also said it doesn't look practical. I said I'll just drive it around our driveway and yard. LOL. Then I speculated we could make one at TechShop! Hubby said we couldn't. Implying someone who knew what they were doing probably could, but not us. OK, he's probably right.

I wanted to give attribution for this photo of the Pea Mobile but it's floating around Google Images on several sites so I'm not sure of its exact origin. Though I suspect Martha Everett is the original source of the photo.

What I was able to learn on the National Motor Museum Trust website is that:
"The Pea car first appeared in a Birds Eye television advertisement in December 2005. London-based special effects company, Asylum, took six weeks to build the car using a heavily modified chassis from an off-road go-kart fitted with a Honda engine. Weighing just 750kg, it was capable of 50mph/80.47kph even though it had no gears. Whilst bearing a Volkswagen resemblance, only the headlights were sourced from a beetle. The indicators are of lancia origin, wing mirrors from a specialist shop and all other parts were made to order."

One of my previous wish cars was the Aptera, a 100% electric car by Aptera Motors, a company that closed its doors in 2011. I'm hoping someone else picks up where they left off and makes this super cool car someday.

And I LOVE the 100% electric drive Smart Car but the battery range (63 to 98 miles on a full charge based on weather and HWY or city driving) isn't enough to get me to SF, around the city, and home without a recharge so unless they come out with a bigger battery I think I'll have to keep looking. Oh, but the custom wrapped, Flirty Blog, Smart Car I mocked up in Photoshop would be so cute!

LOL maybe I need three cars: My current car for driving to San Francisco, the electric drive Smart for Two for local driving and a Pea Car for driving around my yard :D

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  1. Wow, those are some interesting choices. It would be a lot easier to park with these rides. They'd be great as 'everyday cars,' the type of car you bring to work. Well, I wish you can get one of them soon! :D


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