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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Need an extra hand? A cat pillow & dog petter solution

If you're a cat or dog lover who owns a laptop I'm sure you've often wished you had an extra hand. I need two to type with on my laptop and a spare to pet the pets with.

Squash sleeps on my hand as it types.

And an impatient Kitai lets me know when it's time for a petting break.

Then I found the Zaky Baby Hand Pillow on TheGreenHead.com shopping website. What a purrfect solution for both the cat and dog!

"Although maybe to us it's a creepy disembodied muppet hand, but your newborn cat and/or dog will feel completely comforted as the hypo-allergenic 100% anti-pilling extra soft micro fleece hand cradles them until they fall asleep. You can now walk away without waking them and still feel your baby pet is in good hands, literally. I wish I had a giant pillow hand to hold me at night too."

With his pair of giant pillow hands Kitai is now content to sleep on the floor freeing me up to work on my laptop with no distractions.

And honestly, the cat isn't too bright so I don't think he's figured out yet that the pillow hand isn't a real hand. I bring it out and set it on the laptop when I need to take a break. By the time I return Squash has had all of the human contact he needs and he'll leave me alone when I'm ready to get back to work. It's really a win-win solution.

ETA: Happy April Fool's Day. I realized a day later that a lot of people thought the photos were so real looking they didn't realize they were a joke using Photoshop. The pillows really exist but they're expensive. And I wouldn't ever spend $120 to $159.99 to buy my pets human hand pillow. Under any circumstances. Not even if I won the Mega Millions lottery! But when hubby said he thought they were real pictures I realized others might have thought so too. Next year I'll do more of a hack job on the Photoshop so the joke's more obvious :)

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