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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Flirty Blog Gift Shop

I'm thinking about making items available to purchase here on The Flirty Blog from time to time. I still have many bridal accessories, jewelry items, cake toppers and of course, my tiny origami cranes that I could list for purchase online. The thing is I've never felt motivated to create an Etsy store or list things on eBay. I hate the whole concept of banner advertising so I'm thinking adding a bit of commerce might be the right way for me to monetize my blog without having to plaster annoying banner ads or ad words all over the place.

So this is a test just to see how this commerce option works. Rather than committing to a large shopping cart platform I can add a cart button that forwards buyers to Paypal to send in their payment.

Ultimately I may add a static page of items available or drop them onto the sidebar. Or I may try Etsy after all. Feedback is encouraged and welcomed.

This tiny crane is available to purchase but, for now, there is only one.

Available Now: Tiny, green origami crane in a tiny glass jar

This teeny tiny origami crane is a perfect gift when you just want to give someone a "little" something to let them know you're thinking about them. Origami cranes are symbolic of many positive things including longevity, peace and good luck. This crane was made by hand with no tools and glued into the small glass jar using tweezers to move it into place. CLICK HERE to view more art pieces I've created with tiny cranes.

Price: $10.00 + shipping

Crane: Lightweight origami paper
Height: 5/8"

Container: Glass - Lid is lightly glued into place
Height: 1"
Width: 7/8" (at widest point)
Shipping: $5.50 shipped in small box Priority Mail

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Top view.

Scale beside a lighter.

Petite and delicate in appearance, this teeny tiny origami crane is my signature peace crane made of a rigid, gold metallic origami paper. The crane looks as if it's made from metal! Shipped flat you can spread its wings open as soon as you remove it from the envelope. Up to six cranes can be shipped together in one envelope.

Price: $5.00 + shipping

Height: 3/4"
Crane: Fancy, heavy, gold, metallic finish origami paper
Width: Shipped flat but wings can be spread open upon receipt
Shipping: 45¢ shipped in envelope. If ordered with crane in a bottle I will refund the shipping for the flat fold cranes with your order.

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