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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I lost my camera!

Want to freak me out? Recently I unfortunately discovered how this can be done. Let me tell you a story. . .

Once upon a Friday night I went to my purse to remove the flashcard from my camera at 11:00 PM and guess what? My camera wasn't there! I went out to my car in my pajamas (twice) and searched on the floor boards and under the passenger seat on the off chance it had fallen out of my purse on my way home Thursday night. When I was certain it wasn't there I realized I knew exactly where I'd left it: At the KMVT television studio in Mountain View. And of course it was after they had closed Friday evening so I spent a sleepless night wondering if my little camera would be found or if it was gone for good :(

I had a LOST sign prepared and ready to go if needed.

First thing the next morning I drove to the studio to be there when they opened. Though I always want to have faith in people I also realized if someone had walked away with it I needed to have a sign ready to go to post if they would let me. I trust everyone who works there and knew if any of them found it they would have put it in lost and found. But there are guests to the studio who aren't part of the studio "family" so I worried if it was gone that would be how it left the building.

Just as I was walking down the hallway, about ten feet from the door to the studio, hubby called me to say that my camera was there. He had sent an email the night before and someone replied first thing in the morning to let him know it had been found and set aside.

I was so HAPPY! Giddy really. I walked though the door and sure enough, they gave me my camera back!

I am going to make a tag to attach to the shoulder strap with my contact info on it so that if I ever lose it again hopefully whoever finds it will be nice enough to let me know. Though of course I don't think I'll ever forget it again. Now I'm completely paranoid I'll lose it so I keep checking my purse for it over and over again. So, for now, my camera and I are living happily ever after.

The end.

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