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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Missed Connection on Fremont Peak

You: Sitting on a rock on Fremont Peak. You were with another lizard who seemed like a bit of a bully. You were fit and could run amazingly fast.

Me: I was wearing a blue baseball cap when I took your picture. You even posed for the camera. We had a moment while gazing at each other. Surprisingly, neither of us ran away. I thought you would for sure. I was with two friends. They thought you were cool too. Would love to see you again the next time I visit Fremont Peak.

I think it was a Common Sagebrush Lizard. I tried to identify it online but I'm still not certain of its species. There were two actually. One was larger than the other and would bob its head up and down. Both had the mottled pattern and an orangish coloration to the underside of their throats. If you know for sure what kind of lizard this is please leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to identify it correctly.

I didn't add these photos to yesterday's post because I shot them with my Lumix GF2 camera and we were focusing on only using our iPhones that day. But when it  comes to a skittish subject and tiny details there's just no way the iPhone can compete with a 300mm zoom lens.

And on the opposite end, it can't compete with a 45mm macro lens either. I also took these two photos of Purple Vetch wildflowers with my GF2 and my macro lens. . .

Can you blame me for stretching breaking our shooting rules just a bit? I would have hated to have missed out on these shots, so I couldn't resist. Eh, rules were made to be broken right?

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