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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Snapseed Photo Editor for the iPhone

I've been holding out for what feels like forever (or at least a year) on using any of the photo editing apps for phone cameras like Instagram, Hipstamatic, Camera Awesome and Snapseed. I see the vintage'ish and nostalgic looking pictures from these apps all over Facebook and Twitter but I've resisted using them simply because I haven't made the time to learn how to use my phone camera or the apps.

The Original Popcorn Photo

So today I took a stab at using Snapseed on this really over and underexposed picture I took with my iPhone. The raw image is flat, boring, and just plain yucky looking.

After I dropped a Snapseed vintage filter over it (in my phone) then tweaked it a bit more in Photoshop (on my laptop) this is what I ended up with. Pretty cool! Now I can see why people use these apps particularly for phone pictures that are, due to the limitations of the camera, less than perfect.

The Snapseed + Photoshop Processed Photo

So far I've loaded Instagram, Camera Awesome and Snapseed onto my phone. I think I'll wait a bit to decide if I need Hipstamatic. Do you have a favorite iPhone photography app that you think I should have too? I'm definitely open to suggestions :)

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