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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cafe Campesino: Great Mexican food in Santa Cruz

Recently I was hungry and in downtown Santa Cruz. Where and what to eat? Based on a stellar recommendation by Brion, our tour guide for the Santa Cruz Food Tour I recently went on, I decided to eat at Cafe Campesino.

Calabacitas and Organic Lemonade at Cafe Campesino

It's a small green kiosk, serving up authentic Mexican food right on the sidewalk. You'll find it just a few doors to the left of the Del Mar movie theater on the Pacific Garden Mall.

The squash, corn, onions, sour cream and Mexican fresh cheese.

Brion said he loves the Calabacitas. It's described on the menu as: A medley of organic squash, corn kernals, organic onions and organic tomatoes topped with Mexican fresh cheese and sour cream. It's served with organic beans, rice and a homemade tortilla.

The fried potatoes, beans and chopped lettuce.

 I read online you can add meat to the dish if you're an omnivore. Cafe Campesino offers hormone and antibiotic-free pollo (chicken) or carnitas (pork).  On the flip side any dish can also be made vegan upon request. I also read online there are plenty of gluten-free items upon request.

Organic Lemonade at Cafe Campesino

Though I usually drink water, on a leap of faith I ordered the organic lemonade. It was pretty obvious they make their lemonade from real lemons. It was fresh tasting and just sweet enough. I was glad because I don't like the sickly sweet lemonade the fast food joints serve up when it's made from a mix with too much sugar.

Cafe Campesino was just as good as Brion said it would be and I'll definitely go back to enjoy their food again. Because I ordered behind a group of six I did have to wait a bit for my food but it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the extra time just relaxing in the warm glow of the sun.

Cafe Campesino
Review by the Santa Cruz Sentinal
Reviews on Yelp
1130 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95067
(831) 425-5979

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