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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A plant even I cant' kill

Despite my most neglectful efforts there are certain house plants that just won't die. My spider plant, Christmas cactus, pregnant onion, two orchid plants (one was a thank you gift the other about to be thrown away because it was done blooming), and a large lucky bamboo (a wedding gift) all have the stamina that more fragile plants lack. So why would I add an addition to my menagerie of barely-eeking-along house plants? Sentimental reasons.

I bought this little African Violet on a whim last year because it reminded me of my mom and aunties who for years each had fairly sizable collections of African Violets. They nurtured and cared for them even going to the trouble of installing grow lights on their kitchen counters to keep their violets happy and blooming.

It had been years, decades really, since I'd thought about them so when I saw this little violet in a the Stanford Florists' shop last year I purchased it on an impulse. Then I almost killed it by not watering it. Twice. Last week is started blooming for  the first time since I purchased it last summer.

The blooms remind me I need to take time out to nurture it and myself. So this year I'll be taking better care of both of us :)

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