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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Learn how to blog, with me, at Vayable.com

Have you heard of Vayable? (In case you're wondering t's pronounced like "viable.") I just learned about it a few weeks ago and will soon be very involved with this unique company based in San Francisco. Their tagline is "Discover and book unique things to do anywhere."

It's like Etsy but instead of selling products "local guides" and "experts" sell "experiences", particularly things out-of-town tourists (aka explorers) would want to do. It also promotes local tourism. Something I also love to do. You can go to the beach to sail, ride horses or learn to make paella. Or head downtown to take a street art, roof top, bicycling, magic bus or homeless tour. The possibilities are quite endless!

So what will my experience be? I'll be offering live, on location blogging workshops. Why? Because so many people ask me:
  • How do they start blogging?
  • How do I find things to write about?
  • Where do I find the time to write?
  • How did I learn to take such good pictures?
  • And: Can they come with me on my blogging adventures?
So, I decided Vayable would be a blogtastic way to bring my online persona offline, mix and mingle with The Flirty Blog readers, and show them how to "Learn to Blog the Fun and Flirty Way!"

By the end of their experience explorers will not only have visited a place in the Bay Area they may not have visited before, they'll also have everything they'll need to craft a blog post they can publish and share with their readers. I'll be creating workshops based on different types of blog posts. There will be foodie excursions, outdoor explorer posts, urban street scene ops, animal adventures and even some photo specific types of posts like how to photograph a dimly lit location.

During the experience I'll be covering:
  • How to decide what to write about
  • What to photograph
  • How to take sharp, color and lighting balanced images that are well composed and will make your blog look more professional
  • Post edit programs like Photoshop to polish your photos
  • How to create an SEO (search engine optimized) post title
  • How to create SEO copy
  • What do readers expect from you?
I'll also be ready and willing to answering other questions you may have about my approach to authoring The Flirty Blog.

Recently I attended the "A Toast to Guides" meetup in San Francisco at Mojo Bicycle Cafe.

I knew we were getting close when I saw this bike parked in the most unusual manner at the intersection down the street from Mojo.

And there it was! Mojo is a cafe and a bike shop. They're both in one building!

Vayable's founding team members are Jamie Wong, Tim Robertson and June Lin. I'd met Jamie the week before and got to meet Tim and June that evening.

Jamie welcomed us to the event and introduced Daniel, an expert and guide. His company is called Streets of SF Bike Tours and he gave a ten minute presentation about bicycling culture and how it's evolving not just in the Bay Area but everywhere.

I mixed and mingled. Everyone was super friendly.

The cafe is really cute. I want to go back and have lunch there someday.

With Tim, one of the Vayable founders.

I met such cool people which is what happens when you put a group of highly social people, who all lead expeditions, together in a room and encourage them to mingle.

For starters, I met Mark Roth who is offering an experience called Make Something Real. It's a one day experience where you will join TechShop for a single day and watch as Mark creates a prototype for you of an inventive idea you've been thinking about but haven't known how to take the next step to be able to produce your first product prototype. He'll even give you the info you need to file your own patent!

I also met Gabriel DeRita who runs an SF Tour Bus Company described on Vayable as:

"The Magic Bus takes trippers on a time-traveling voyage back to SF's iconic sixties and the Summer of Love. Our bus is outfitted with micro-projectors and screens that roll over the windows, creating a documentary film, music & tour experience rolled into one unforgettable "trip". Our voyage links the city's counter-culture hot spots in a creative narrative about the entire love generation & SF's central role in the counter-culture movement. So, are you on the bus, or are you off the bus, man?"

I'll be taking this tour for sure!

I was even wearing my new Vayable t-shirt last week when I made my trip to the Emergency Room. The lady who registered me was very curious about my shirt and asked what Vayable was all about. When I told her she thought it was a neat idea.

Hm, makes me think I should be wearing a Flirty Blog T-shirt from now on :)

I'll keep you posted when I get my first experience listed. I hope to see some of you there!

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