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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby Hummingbird Fledglings Day 22

Imagine my surprise when I went out in the backyard yesterday and discovered little Itty was still in the lemon tree and Bitty was flitting from trees to power lines along our backyard!

Mama came and fed Itty three time in one hour. I only saw her feed BItty once but I'm sure she was having to locate and feed both of the babies. It's a job made much more complicated now that Bitty is so mobile.

And Itty tried hard to practice flying once while I was out there, moving from one end of the lemon tree to the other. Here's a video of all three feedings and the flying:

But if you can't view the video here are some photos. . .

And there's Bitty practicing sticking his/her tongue out. Perhaps getting ready to eat from the hibiscus tree all on his/her own.

Will they be here another day? I hope so :)

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