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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby Hummingbirds: Day 13 Feeding Video

Itty and Bitty weren't feeling too cooperative today when it came to posing for their close up. Then I realized seeing them side by side from behind gives us a new perspective when it comes to their development.

Hummingbird, Chicks

That's Itty on the left. You can tell it's Itty because Bitty is the smaller of the two on the right. Not only is Bitty's beak shorter, his/her feathers aren't as developed as Itty's are. Note how Itty's feathers are getting fuller. How you can see the two toned colors and patterning and how his/her feathers are opening up across the entire top of his/her head. While Bitty's are just barely beginning to fan out of their casings.

Also notable today there was far less skin showing on the heads and necks. I'm guessing in another day or two we won't be able to see any skin at all.

Because they were being so uncooperative with the camera I backed up and waited for mom to arrive for their next feeding. This time it didn't take long :)

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