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Sunday, July 8, 2012

A banana slug adventure with Jojo the dinosaur

Spotted Banana Slug

What could be more cool than photographing spotted banana slugs with my Photojojo, iPhone, magnetic, fisheye lens?

Photojojo Dinosaur, Banana Slug

Why photographing Jojo the dinosaur taking on a giant slug. That's what! Here it looks as if Jojo is holding his own doesn't it?

GIant Banana Slug, Photojojo Dinosaur

When in reality he wasn't. Turns out perspective can really make things appear better, or worse, than they are. So if you're photographing giant slugs and plastic dinosaurs (because who doesn't?) be sure to try a few different perspectives. It's not that hard. As it turns out, banana slugs aren't very fast.

I'm not sure if the property owners are aware of their presence so I am not disclosing the location of these slugs because Jojo doesn't want any harm to come to them. He want's a rematch. LOL

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