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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The best jam I've ever had: Chocolate Plum Jam

Oh. My. Jam. Seriously. I almost lost all self control after my friend Tamzen made and shared this Chocolate Plum Jam with me and a group of friends (who I will refer to in this post as interlopers because they were what stood between me eating the entire jar by myself and having to share and only being able to have two spoonfuls). Heh heh.

Chocolate Plum Jam

The weird thing is I don't even like jam. I buy it from time to time, but then I never eat it. I usually end up donating it to the food bank because I'm just not a jammy kind of gal. Until now.

The sweetness of the flesh of six cups of plums combined with that tart acidic'ness of its skin and five, cups, YES I SAID 5 CUPS, of sugar, and 1/4 cup of cocoa powder (and a few other miscellaneous ingredients) transform the plums into a sweet and fruity ambrosia that blew my taste buds away. It made me happy the way smelling freshly baked waffle cones or cotton candy makes you think mmm mmm good.

I seriously can't even wait to make this to share the recipe with you. It's that good. So here it is on the GrowItCookItCanIt.com website. They paired it with Mt. Tam cheese. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Mt. Tam cheese. I'll have to make it and try them together. I also envision eating the jam with:
  • Ice cream. I'm going to run swirls of the Chocolate Plum Jam through some home made vanilla ice cream. I may have to try it with chocolate too.
  • Thumbprint cookies. I'm not a fan of thumbprint cookies as a general rule but I can already tell I'll love them with this jam in the center.
  • A spoon. That's it. Just spoonfuls of jam.
  • With Mt. Tam cheese and bread.
  • As a dipping sauce for anything!
  • As a spread in sandwiches to add more depth of flavor.

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