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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 17 and Mama hummingbird is highly agitated

I'm not exactly sure why but the mother hummingbird has been highly agitated for about the past 24 hours. Normally I go out in the morning, pick up the fallen hibiscus blossoms that bloomed the day before, add to the compost pile and straighten up the yard. Mama has been around and is usually pretty quiet and calm. But ever since last night I've heard her chattering away almost constantly. I can even hear her when I'm in the house. When I went out to try to get a picture of the babies she was busy chasing a sparrow out of the yard. I waited a bit then snuck in very quickly, like for 20 seconds, took these pictures and left. I didn't want to add to whatever has her so stressed out.

So what you're looking at is a nice portrait of Itty on top with Bitty's tail feathers and right wing to the left. At first I thought Bitty may have pooped on Itty's head but upon closer inspection of the enlarged image it turns out the white markings above Itty's beak are more new feathers coming out and the casings are white. The lower left picture is Bitty sticking his/her tongue out and the lower right is Bitty's tail feathers.

Hoping Mama calms down by tomorrow so I can get some better, close up shots for you.

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