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Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 8 and the baby hummingbirds look bigger and weirder LOL

Today I could see the hummingbirds have moved. Or at least one has. They are now facing in opposite directions. The one along the top of the nest turned around and now its head is on the left side of the nest.

And they're looking more strange with each passing day. Until their eyes open and we can see their faces I think they'll continue to look like teeny tiny, semi-fuzzy, space alien blobs.

You can see more pin feathers breaking through their skin. That's how bird feathers grow. They come out in a thin casing. Once they grow out of the skin far enough the casing dries out and flakes off allowing the soft feathers to emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon. Only they probably feel more like baby teeth coming in all over your body. Hopefully they don't feel much of what's going on.

CLICK HERE to view pictures of days one, four and six. And a picture of the mama bird while she was incubating the eggs. She and the nest are so tiny and adorable. Soon, the babies will be too.

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