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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hummingbird Chicks Day 12: Bitty's Eyes Open

Baby, Hummingbird, Chicks, Nest, 12 Days

This morning the first thing I noticed is that the babies look like more feathers than skin. They are also much more camouflaged than when they were newly hatched.

Hummingbird, Chick, Beak Darkening

And their beaks are darkening and elongating. Look how black and shiny Itty's beak looks now. The entire thing was a bright orange-yellow color just 11 days ago!

Sleeping, Hummingbird, Chicks, Nest

LOL. So cute and sleepy.

Hummingbird, Chick, Eyes Open

And then it happened! Bitty opened his/her eyes! Just like that. Is that a sleepy looking little face or what?

Hummingbird, Chicks, Nest

And a new perspective. It looks like there's more than two chicks in the nest but it's just Itty and Bitty with their beaks open waiting for mom to show up with lunch.

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