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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hummingbird Chicks: Day 15 brings longer beaks

I swear. The only thing that grows faster than baby hummingbirds are mushrooms! Look how long BItty's beak has grown since yesterday. It's really amazing!

I had to photograph later than usual today so two things worked against me. The first thing was Mama hummingbird was nearby so after taking the first picture and realizing she was there I moved back, forcing me to use a zoom lens instead of the macro. Secondly it was getting dark out which combined with the distance and shade of the tree meant I had to up my ISO which made the rest of today's pictures grainier than usual. But still so cute!

Look at those little wings popping up out of the nest. That's BItty on the right stretching out that teeny little wing in the lower right hand corner. And notice how today both babies look like little puff balls. I think they're just going to get cuter and cuter from here on out :)

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