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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rock'in out to Smelter the music video

LOL. Watch Hubby's custom music video. He wrote, performed and recorded the cd with a special guest piano solo from Rock Pianist Scott D. Davis. Scott's piano added a rock'in dimension to the song and the video by Savadelis Films has taken it to a whole new level.

My thanks to all of our friends who came out for the "crowd" scenes and to Armando Sarabia for making us both look good and Savadelis Films for working their magic on us too.

Click on the arrow to play the video.

Location shoots were at Fireside Caffe, my favorite Mediterranean restaurant located on Steven's Creek Blvd. just west down the street from Valley Fair Mall and Santana Row. Thanks so much to RIck for helping us that day. Also thanks to 300 San Jose, the coolest bowling alley in the Bay Area and to Robin for setting and resetting the lights for the concert scene at KMVT where hubby also records his public access tv show "John Wants Answers."

We premiered the video at Hubby's birthday party for, well, everyone including hubby! I'd seen it a few days earlier and couldn't stop laughing. That's us at the Opera House in Los Gatos.

Photography by Chung Li, custom lighting by North American Theater Technology

We had a fantastic team that night! When it comes to party planning here's the upside of working in the event industry: It's great because when it comes time to throw a party you know all of the right people to hire. The downside? You only need one vendor from each category but you usually know several in every category who you'd like to bring on board as part of your event team. There are very talented acquaintances and many very good friends. I had to balance talent, friendship, and availability which wasn't an enviable position to be in. After having to make these same decisions for our wedding I didn't relish having to go through it again. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt anyone's feelings but I worry that I may have done just that.

In a future post I will go in depth as to what it took to plan this event and how I am now awed and amazed by the work Professional Event Coordinators do. If John ever decides he needs a big party again I will only agree if we hire a Professional Coordinator. It was far more work than I anticipated but well worth it to see how much fun he and all of his guests had at his Mid-life Criss Extravaganza!

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