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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Doggie doppelgängers

BOL (Bark Out Loud) Turns out Kitai has a doppelgänger (aka look-alike) named Buster. You can't tell in the picture of Kitai above but he and Buster even have the same color eyes.

See! Though, I suppose most dogs have the same brown eyes. But there are exceptions. I have seen dogs with yellow and blue eyes too. But back to Kitai and Buster. They're both scruffy, have the same markings, underbite, and body shape.

Oddly, they both like to hang out with ducks.

The only major differences between them seems to be that Buster has a bit of brown in his fur, his coat is a bit more silky instead of steel wool'ish like Kitai's, and while Kitai sheds like a pack of Huskies all year round I was told Buster barely sheds at all.

If your dog looks like Kitai please let me know. I'd love to do follow up posts with more doggie doppelgängers :P

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