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Monday, October 22, 2012

Award Winning Television: John Wants Answers

Last weekend one of Hubby's dreams came true. His public access tv show John Wants Answers won two Western Access Video Excellence (WAVE) awards from the Alliance for Community Media (ACM) from the six states that comprise their western region.

On the show John invites friends and experts to come on and answer his questions about a subject he wants to learn more about. Earlier this year he decided to do a show about "Being Gay."

So, he contacted Armando Sarabia, our friend and professional hair stylist, to be his "expert witness." John likens his show to a courtroom drama but it really isn't like one at all.

Here are just a few of Armando's reactions I captured during the taping. LOL. John gave a disclaimer at the top of the show explaining he would ask some questions that would sound ignorant but he would ask them anyway just to help others learn more about what it's like to be gay. Armando candidly answered him and the audience was cracking up through the entire taping because it was a really funny episode.

I think my favorite part may have been when John draws an analogy that he too knows what it's like to be teased and bullied for being gay because when he was younger he was called "gay" by bullies at school because he had a lisp. While not the same situation exactly, being bullied is being bullied and I'm glad that we (as a society) are finally addressing this very damaging problem.

It was an informative PSA kind of show about why understanding, compassion, and tolerance are qualities that each of us, gay, straight, geeky or with a lisp, deserves from the rest of society.

Back to last Saturday night. Hubby had entered the episode for consideration in the 2012 WAVE awards. They are like the Emmys, but for Public Access Television. We drove for 2.5 hours to Sacramento for the awards ceremony along with our friends Brian and Loretta. Hubby was very excited.

I think the audience was mostly comprised of fellow nominees. . .

His shows made it to the finals in five categories. Each category had a winner in both a Community Producer and Professional divison. In Documentary Issues, two of the three finalists by Community Producer were for his show. And the winner was. . .

John Wants Answers for "Being Gay."

Hubby went up twice. Later that evening he also won for Special Audience. Each time he ran up flailing his arms above his head, thanked his Executive Producers and Director and waved to the crowd on the way back to his seat. LOL.

Director Loretta Beavers, Host John A. Vink, and Executive Producer Brian Westphal.

After, Raymond Donald Hong and Kim Lawson of Outlook Video asked if they could interview Hubby about his winning episode. Outlook Video is a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender public access cable program recorded at CreaTV Channel 15 in San Jose, CA. They were curious about what inspired him to choose this topic for his show.

Watch the award winning episode "Being Gay" right now!

I'm so happy for Hubby that John Wants Answers is now an award winning public access tv program. He loves winning awards more than anyone I know. Remember how I gave him three trophies at our wedding? LOL. We stopped for a celebratory dinner at Redrum Burger in Davis, CA. then made the 2.5 hour drive home. It was a great night and congratulations to John, the John Wants Answers team and KMVT.

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