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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cutest camping hot dog grill. Ever!

Look what I found on Etsy at the GotMilkGlassAndMore shop. It's a Li'l Frankie campfire hot dog grill! It's for my trailer I haven't begun building yet. LOL. But I do know I want to be able to be sociable and attend trailer rallies, and people cook at rallies, so I thought I'd peek around online and see what I could see in the way of camping cookware. Which is how I spotted this adorable little hot dogger.

The odd thing is I can't find out anything about them online. I mean NOTHING, zero, zilch. With the exception of the Etsy listing where I purchased it from there isn't a single reference I could find to this little grill. The exterior says it's a LI'L FRANKIE IN-A-MINIT-GRILL. Which cracks me up because I want a Minit fiberglass trailer like the one I saw at the TCT Vintage Trailer Rally.

My Li'l Frankis is coming with instructions and a recipe insert. It says you can put bread in with the hot dogs to make tiny, toasted, pigs-in-a-blanket. The funniest part about this is since I don't eat meat I picked up some faux hotdogs at the store yesterday to begin testing them out to find a brand I like. I'm already thinking it would be cool to be able to hollow out the center of each dog and insert a rod of cheese and plug it back up with dog so I can make tiny cheese dogs.

I did look online to see if it's safe to eat food cooked in aluminum because I don't think I've ever owned aluminum cookware before. On Cooking For Engineers they say it is safe but special care must be taken in maintaing aluminum cookware. Certain acidic foods (egg yolks, asparagus, apples or artichokes ) can oxidize the metal and dropping it can make it crack because even though aluminum is soft, once cast it's brittle. Best practice care instructions are to never use steel wool, don't leave it to soak in soapy water and it's best to hand wash your aluminum cookware. Also, since I'm not sure if it's ever been used I'll have to season it though I'm not sure how to do that with wooden handles. I'm hoping they'll easily screw off or something.

Even though it was only $12.95 my Li'l Frankie looks to be in mint condition. I'm so excited for it to arrive! I'll definitely cook something up and post my results when I do.

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