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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Table: A new restaurant in Willow Glen

Every Sunday hubby and I go out to breakfast. For a year and a half we only went where he wanted to go. For the past year and a half he's compromised and let me choose every other week. But for the past three years, when given the choice, he's only chosen the same restaurant and he always orders the same dish.

On my turns I like to choose new restaurants we've never been to before. From Palo Alto, to Pleasanton, to Carmel Valley I've drug hubby all over the place usually rolling the breakfast into a photo adventure or some other reason to stray further from home.

A few weeks ago we headed to Willow Glen and had breakfast at The Table. It's fairly new. I noticed it back in August before it had officially opened. It's a locavore restaurant where many of the ingredients are sourced from local farms and ranches.

The only bummer was I forgot my GF2 camera that day so I only had my iPhone to shoot with.

It's a small restaurant that has a modern yet rustic charm. I love small restaurants. The noise level never gets out of control and the service is usually very attentive. Our server that day was friendly, knowledgable and not only did he check on us, the manager came by at the end of the meal and asked how everything was as well. I was impressed.

Hubby loves donuts so we tried the fresh "Sugar Dusted Donuts." They made them to order so they arrived at the table hot.

Hubby ordered coffee. I thought it looked great. But you know know my picky eater. He likes things the ordinary way. So he was kind of freaked out that the cream was served warm. WARM! I thought that was brilliant. It keeps the hot coffee hot! But he likes his cold cream because that's what he's used to. And he likes his coffee cups to have handles that he can shove his manly fingers through.

I had water. It was fine. No complaints.

Hubby ordered "The Only Burger" that came with potato wedges. He loves burgers and oven roasted potatos so he enjoyed his meal.

I had something I've never had before. It's called "Chilaquiles" and consists of poached eggs, salsa verde, and queso fresco (cheese). It was delicious. It's crisp, fried fresh tortilla strips that are then simmered in salsa until they soften just a bit. The salsa clings to the chips coating them in a layer of flavor quite unlike any other Mexican dish I've ever had before. The Chilaquiles are then finished with diced, fresh avocado and a bit of cream. Fantastic. Really fantastic.

Now I want to go back and try the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with fresh berries and I don't even like pancakes! But they sound so good. There weren't a lot of vegetarian options though so if you're vegetarian you may want to call ahead and see what's on the menu before heading over.

Currently brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The restaurant is located at:

The Table - Website
1110 Willow Street (On the southwest corner at Lincoln)
San Jose, Ca 95125
(408) 638-7911

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