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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Guess who hates freshly baked cookies?

Hubby loves chocolate chip cookies. Earlier today I baked him some. He's been asking me to make them for months. Here's the thing, in Hubby's world the worst chocolate chip cookies are warm, soft, freshly baked cookies. Blech! They're terrible! And yet, that's how I make them every time I bake them for him. Yuk!

Three hours later, when they're completely room-temperature cold, he thinks they're delicious. That's after listening to him lament at least once or twice about why does it take so long for chocolate chips to re-harden? Why indeed.

by Pastry Chef Pattie Taan

In the past I've always used the recipe from the Stars Desserts cookbook. But recently the Farmhouse Inn, located in Forestville, CA (between Guerneville and Healdsbug) shared their chocolate chip cookie recipe with the world. So, I thought I'd make them for Hubby. The recipe calls for white, milk, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. But you know hubby. He only likes food made simply, in their most traditional form. So, I only used semi-sweet chips.

The recipe was so easy I didn't even make a photo tutorial for you. Just follow the directions. The only tip I'd add is to flatten the balls of dough just a bit and make sure your oven is plenty hot. Like wait a 10 minutes after the pre-heat cycle has run.

They're crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and very, very delicious. Thanks Farmhouse Inn for sharing your cookie goodness with us :)

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