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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Loving TechShop again!

Yesterday I did a post about some disappointments and frustrations I'd experienced at the San Jose Tech Shop location. Today I'm happy to report that I feel MUCH better about taking classes and learning there.

TechShop, Mig Welding

This was the step left off the class I'd taken. Learning how to weld two pieces of metal together. When I contacted the store's manager about my experience, he offered to teach me the missing step personally so we set up a time and this morning I went down for 2.5 hours to learn and practice.

He set up two pieces of steel using a big magnet to hold them at a squared, 90ยบ angle.

TechShop, Mig Welding

This was the best weld I did today. I'm learning that welding is about more than just what it looks like as you weld, there's a distinct sound that occurs when you're holding the gun at a proper distance and angle from your project. It's a tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh kind of noise instead of a snap-crackle-and-pop.

Welding Bead

I also learned how to weld two overlayed pieces of metal together elongating them into a wider single unit.

TechShop, Welding Tools

The tools were all there and fully functioning.

Anyways, I'm very optimistic once again that I will be able to learn to weld. I'll be going back to practice each week from now on. Actually I need to think of a project I can build, if not my trailer something else.

I'm still going to sign up for the wood shop classes and am looking forward to one day taking the powder coating, water jet, and silk screening classes. I'll keep you posted as I move along through the curriculum.

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Disclosure: Hubby and I are investors in the San Jose TechShop location and as such have received lifetime memberships. We do still have to pay for classes and any material fees associated with classes or projects.

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