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Monday, December 24, 2012

A fun and flirty Christmas fail

Christmas fail. Hubby is always a Scrooge when it comes to decorating our house for the holidays. He hates decorations and never wants me to put up a tree. Last year I did and it was beautiful.

It looked like this. And it had a cute mouse king ornament I got when I went to see The Nutcracker for the first time in 2010.

But since I didn't take it down until sometime around May, he said no tree this year. When I set out a strand of lights on a chair to practice the bokeh photography I blogged about two days ago, he came home from work and asked if this was my solution to not having a tree. LOL

On a related Nutcracker note I purchased this ballerina ornament to give as a gift but never did. I got it for a little girl I know who had been taking ballet lessons. But then I found out she'd stopped taking ballet and had moved on to ice skating. So I never gave it to her. And I never packed it away. It was sitting right on a kitchen side counter for 2 years. So, I hung it on the chair.

At that point I decided to go "all in." I also had this Christmas fabric panel I sewed over 15 years ago when I was trying to decide if quilting could be a fun hobby. I never finished it so it's safe to say quilting wasn't my thing. But it seemed like a great accent for the Christmas chair so I dug it out of my craft closet. It's kind of a sad, lame, patchwork doily.

From our chair to yours: Merry Christmas!

And I just happened to have this wide, red, gold edged ribbon handy that I'd saved from I can't remember when because I always save fabric ribbons to reuse.

Pretty festive right?

And in keeping with our deadbeat Christmas theme, turns out my gift from hubby didn't arrive even though he sent the payment on the 8th of December. When he contacted them last week he found out it hadn't been shipped even though the item was in stock. He was promised it would be, but he doesn't think it was because he never received it so there'll be no pillowcase wrapped gift under the Christmas chair for me on Christmas morning. *Dabbing my imaginary tears away with an imaginary hanky.*

Not to worry though. Christmas for me isn't about trees and gifts. It's about our annual one hour drive to San Francisco where we spend the day in the city before driving home on El Camino Real because that was the tradition hubby started for himself before we met. BTW, it takes around 3 to 3.5 hours to get home.

Know what? I take back what I said earlier. Christmas this year is going to suck. :P

Except for Kitai. He has presents to open and he loves opening presents. Knowing he'll enjoy the magic of Christmas will have to be enough to make my day:

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