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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Two new platforms I just joined: blogdash and KLOUT

ETA 11/28/13: It's been almost a year and to date had not received any pitches from blogdash that complemented the topics I write about. I just removed the blogdash link from my site. My feelings are just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for your blog. There's no cost to try it so you may want to test it for yourself and see if you're happier with the results.

A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to join a website called blogdash.

Blogdash's website says it helps promoters to find, engage, and pitch to bloggers whose content and blog style complements both the product/service they're selling and the form(s) of marketing individual bloggers prefer to work with. Advertising or marketing on a blog can range from graphic ads to text links, sponsored posts, sample products to review, content for giveaways, guest blogging and more.

In the past I've had PR companies approach me about wanting to send me a product to review, invite me to an event, or offer to send me a media kit about their client. To be perfectly honest, I turn down or ignore probably 95% of the offers I receive because the product or service has no relevancy to the topics I write about. You get a feeling about a request when it's addressed to someone who isn't you, your name is misspelled, or it's some generic greeting like "Dear Blog Owner, I have something I think you'll be interested in."

The two most common mistakes people make when pitching to me are assuming I'm a mommy blogger or that I'm some type of dating service. So basically they're wasting everyone's time, both their own and mine.

Here's hoping blogdash can match me up with more of the right companies and brands in 2013.

KLOUT is a relevancy site that tracks a user across multiple social media platforms and generates a score that showcases the level of influence they have on the internet. My friend Robbie Schlosser joined earlier this year. I was intrigued but too busy to join at the time. I finally made the time just the other day so I can be on board for 2013. Not sure if my score of 63 is considered average or good. I guess since scores are from 1 to 100 I'm slightly above average which is pretty good but there's room for plenty of growth.

SInce my blog sometimes gives me access to events as media, having a higher KLOUT score may help to create more similar opportunities in the future.

And even on KLOUT itself, having a higher score gives you "perks." So far I've earned a free perk from Brookside Chocolates and a free+shipping perk from Moo Cards and I've only been a member for four days.

I'll post subsequent updates next year to let you know what I think of each of these platforms once I've had the opportunity to use them for awhile. If you already have and have comments to share please do so below. Would love to get some testimonials for against so I'll know what to expect as time progresses.

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