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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'll be eating more BROOKSIDE Chocolates

As a blogger I often receive offers to receive free samples of products or services. Most of the time I ignore them completely because it's clear no research has been done to see if the product or service complements the topics I often write about here on The Flirty Blog. Sorry, no. I don't need you to send me free diaper samples. LOL. So, when I was offered some BROOKSIDE chocolates, I accepted because I love chocolate!

I was expecting a very small'ish box containing a bag or two of samples. So imagine my surprise when this BIG box arrived on my doorstep!

It was from BROOKSIDE. For a moment my delight turned to fear because if the box was full to the brim of chocolate I would eat all of it. Probably by myself. And that couldn't possibly be a good plan. Ever.

Instead of 30 bags of chocolate I was relieved but confused to find three bags, two wineglasses, a ceramic cheeseboard, a nifty stainless cheese slicer, a serving bowl divided into three sections, and somewhat oddly, a purple headband.

At first I surmised I was supposed to pour the chocolates into the serving bowl and use the cheese cutter to slice them open to see what was inside them. After feasting on chocolate, all the while keeping my hair out of my face with the cool purple headband, I could quench my thirst with a nice glass of wine.

LOL. I was kind of right.

Of the three flavors Acai Blueberry, Goji Raspberry, and Pomegranate (all enrobed in dark chocolate) the Goji with Raspberry was my favorite.

I thought there would be a piece of dried fruit in the center of each chocolate.

Instead, BROOKSIDE takes the fruit juices and transforms them into a chewy gelée consistency, turns them into discs, doubles them up, and wraps them in dark chocolate.

They're really delicious. I will definitely be purchasing them in the future because of the health benefits of dark chocolate. Shhh. Don't point out all of the bad stuff too. A girl needs a guilty pleasure every now and then. But in actuality the nutrition information reveals the BROOKSIDE chocolates are more healthy than many other treats I could indulge in :)

But why all of the other accessories?

The gift pack included an American Express gift card so that I could purchase a nice bottle of wine and/or some cheese to enjoy with the chocolates. I combined the Goji Raspberry chocolates with some Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese and a bottle of Quady's Essensia Orange Muscat wine I received as a Christmas gift from a friend. Definitely a pleasant way to spend an afternoon home alone.

I also tested out BROOKSIDE's road worthiness and took a bag with me on a hike through Muir Woods. The bag is resealable so it traveled in my purse just fine. My friends also enjoyed the chocolates so as testimonials go, three out of three consumers thought they were delicious.

Want to try them to? Their website says:

"BROOKSIDE products can be found in selected wholesale/club and mass merchandise outlets. Our distribution is growing rapidly - if you are having trouble finding our products please contact us here."

Disclosure: I know for some readers, reviews on free samples can cause integrity conflicts but I want you to know if I don't like something I either do one of two things: I tell the truth or don't write about it at all. Those are my only options.

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