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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is Argo the best movie of the year?

Over the weekend hubby and I went with friends to see Argo. Of the nine best picture nominees for the Academy Awards I've now seen two.

While I loved Les Misérables for touching my heart with the raw and passionate performances the actors gave, I equally enjoyed Argo because even though I knew how it ended, it had me on the edge of my seat and, surprisingly, LOL'ing throughout the entire movie.

While not 100% historically accurate, it was 100% entertaining! It really has a fantastic script that dramatizes the rescue of six Americans from Iran (by the CIA, some folks in Hollywood, and Canada) during the hostage crisis in 1980. It's smart, amusing and dramatic all rolled into one. And if you, like me, wanted to separate some of the key dramatizations in the movie from how things really happened here's an article that does the job nicely.

Bonus Photography Tip:

Want to learn how to take better pictures with your iPhone? If helps if you have a friend with a smart phone and a flashlight app. Because we got there an hour early we had time to kill. It was the perfect time to conduct an in the wild photo technique practice session.

  1. This was my popcorn with no flash or supportive light source.
  2. This was my popcorn with the built in flash on my iPhone. It's too bright because the flash is too close to the bag.
  3. And this was my popcorn with hubby helping me out by using his iPhone flashlight app to light the bag while raising his arm high into the air and shining it down towards the bag. By raising the light source up it removed the glare from the bag's shiny surface.
This idea works equally well if you hold your own iPhone with a flashlight app in one hand to light a subject you're about to shoot with your pocket camera held in your other hand. Give it a try the next time you're sitting in a dark place with nothing to do.

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