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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

John Wants Answers about "Prostate Cancer and Movember"

If you don't know the difference between a prostate and a pancreas this episode of John Wants Answers is for you! "The Award Winning," usually hilarious, public access tv show is my hubby's pride and joy and airs on KMVT the second Thursday of each month.

Of course John wore a rubber glove during the interview. LOL

In December Dr. L. Matthew Scala, a Radiation Oncologist from Kaiser Permanente joined John to answer all of his prostate related questions.

Dr. Scala's interview begins at 4:38

If you're not sure what a prostate does...

Where it's located...

Or wondered if masturbation causes prostate cancer... (Yes, John will ask the awkward questions most others are too embarrassed to ask.)

If you need to learn why early detection for prostate cancer is important...

If you're a guy and you're uncomfortable with the thought of having a prostate exam... (Don't be. It only takes moments, not minutes, and is pain free.)

If you don't know what the Gleason Score is...

Or want to know if there are things you can do to keep your prostate healthy...

Or if you've ever wondered besides cancer, what else can go wrong with my prostate?

This episode is for you!

Or if you're horrified curious, you'll find out why John grew a mustache in the month of November. In this case it was for the terribly-named monthly challenge John came up with for he and his friend Keith, a regular guest on the program, to compete against each other titled "Keith and John Get it on." I cringe every time I hear him say it.. I (and many others) have suggested pleaded with him to come up with a better name for the challenge but to no avail.

John also asked why are mustaches so associated with adult film actors in the '70's? Yes. He really did.

But this episode isn't just for men. Ladies, you may learn information you can share with the fella in your life in case he's as clueless about his own prostate as John was.

BONUS ADDED: See John shave off his Movember mustache on live tv! Well, it was live when it was taped.


It was a fun and informative episode and my first working as an Associate Producer (aka booking agent) to find an expert witness guest, willing to be on the show. Thank you Dr. Scala for taking the time to be on the program. And a special thanks to the California Prostate Cancer Coalition for helping me find Dr. Scala. This episode meant a lot to us because it's information that can save lives.

The program aired live in Mountain View, Cupertino, and Los Altos and is now available for your viewing pleasure on Youtube. Disappointingly, there was a problem with the live stream airing of the episode the night it was taped so our regular viewers were left in the dark and no one tweeted in for the autographed head shot of John. If you want one let me know. I bet I can swing a signed photo for the first person who watches the episode online and leaves a comment here. LOL

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