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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I felt like a kid in a candy shop

A visit to Powell's Sweet Shoppe is like a trip down memory lane. The interior is full of old fashioned charm and lots and lots of candy including classics, high-fructose corn syrup-free, gluten-free, and vegan candies as well as ice cream and freshly spun cotton candy.

When I walked into the Los Gatos location last weekend and saw the wall of chocolate one word came to mind. . .


Is that what you thought too? OK, admittedly *want* may have been the first word. Come to think of it it was too close to call which was first and which was second. But getting back to the flavanoids, they're the reason chocolate, in small doses, can offer antioxidant and vascular health benefits.

I spotted Chuao Chocolatier's OMG-worthy Salted Chocolate Crunch Bar and have to admit I was tempted. I decided to go for it and thought it was a done deal until I flipped the bar over and saw the price was $7.69. Gulp* I'm all for affording small luxuries but this was a bit too steep for me. I told my friend Scott, maybe for my Birthday or a special occasion but $7.69 for a random Sunday wasn't something I could do.

Instead I chose a $3.99 bar from one of my favorite companies, Chocolove XOXOX. I've long been a fan of their Raspberries in Dark Chocolate bar and last summer in Healdsburg I tried their Peppermint in Dark Chocolate Bar. This time I tried a new flavor, their Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate. The chili flavor had just a bit of heat that left a slight burning sensation as the cherry flavor became more pronounced. I have to say I really enjoyed the chewy texture of the dried cherries as well.

But someday Chuao, I will try your "Deep chocolate notes, crispy breadcrumbs and a kiss of sea salt. That's a promise.

If you ate candy as a kid and have the opportunity to visit a Powell's (they're located in California, Oregon, and Idaho) you'll probably also reminisce up and down the aisles as some long forgotten memories of your favorite childhood confections come sugar-rushing back at you.

I do have to go back someday to try out their automated cotton candy machine! I would have got some that day but I was too full from breakfast.

Here's a video I found on Youtube that shows how it works. For $2 you get a huge portion and it's 24 minutes closer to my house than Eddie Papa's where I've been getting my cotton candy fix for the past year.


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