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Friday, February 22, 2013

Merci Mademoiselle Petyt for your fantastic book The Paris Wedding

For years before I met hubby I thought if I ever got married (again) it would be in the most romantic place I'd ever been to. I would:
  1. Meet Mr. Right
  2. Date
  3. Get engaged
  4. Purchase four tickets to Paris (2 for us and 2 for our videography team)
  5. Fly to Paris
  6. Get married
  7. Come back to the U.S. and invite all of our loved ones to a party where we would show the video of our marriage filmed in Paris at our surprise wedding reception
I had a dream. It didn't turn out that way (we got married in Cupertino, CA) but it's still a really neat idea. And if we had done it we absolutely would have needed to hire Kimberly Petyt from Parisian Events to help us plan every detail, book every professional, and obtain the needed permits. Now not only is she an accomplished English speaking wedding planner who's been coordinating events in Paris for the past seven years, she's also a fantastic blogger, and a soon to be published book author!

The Paris Wedding is a book any American getting married in Paris will be thankful for. Hence the post title "Mercie Mademoiselle Petyt" for helping to steer couples to the path of less stress when planning a wedding abroad.

"Written by an American wedding planner in Paris, Kimberley Petyt, The Paris Wedding is a must-have for the best wedding inspiration and resources in Paris. Not just a resource of practical information for those planning a wedding in Paris, but The Paris Wedding is also a stand-alone handbook full of stylish tips and glamorous photography to help add that Parisian je ne sais quoi to any celebration."

Photo by Ian Holmes

"Brides-to-be can find helpful advice on anything from planning a green, eco-friendly wedding to Paris wedding hairstyles and French wedding flower traditions. Kimberley Petyt also shares stories of real Paris weddings and some of her own personal experiences, paying particular attention to the differences between French and American weddings."

Photo by Laudree

If you're planning to wed in Paris or want a Parisian styled wedding in the United States, or any other country, The Paris Wedding will introduce you to French wedding style and the ins and outs of actually getting married in France when you're not a resident and don't speak the language.

Congratulations to Kimberly for bringing her dream to fruition!

Photo by Ian Holmes

The book will be available soon (March 2013) but you can pre-order it on Amazon right now.

It's just after midnight as I post this so I bid you bonsoir and à tout à l'heure!

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