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Friday, February 15, 2013

Squee! My trailer is yellow and so cute!

Fred just sent me the latest update on my tiny teardrop style trailer.

A couple of weeks ago he called to let me know he was ready to take the steel frame to be powder coated. "Is black ok?" he asked. I replied I was thinking yellow for two reasons. The first because it would look cute. The second for safety's sake. I figured other cars would have a better chance of noticing the trailer and be less likely to hit it and more importantly, I'd be less likely to trip over the tongue when the trailer is parked and I'm walking around it. LOL

The cabin measures 4' wide by 6' long

After a slight delay because it was too cold for the powder coating place to run their sandblaster, they're located in Michigan, things must have warmed up because this is my trailer now!

BTW The definition of Squee used as a verb in this post title means:
To squeal with glee; from a combination of the two words; the sound of an excited fangirl

This is the front end. Notice the bottom frame for the tongue box and one of the side tongue box arches put in place for the picture.

The cool thing about my tongue box is the access will be from the inside of the trailer, not the outside, which should reduce the risk of having my on board battery stolen.

This is the rear where the entry door will be located. 

And my most favorite part of all... My bright yellow wheels and wheel fenders complete with one of the baby moon hubcaps! Squee again! I ordered the hubcaps online from Vintage Trailer Supply.

I have to give credit where credit is due and it was the teardrop trailers I saw on the Vacations In a Can website that made me want to go with a yellow powder coat after I saw this orange trailer on their home page. They were the first place I contacted to build a trailer but their lead time was a year which meant August '13 would have been the earliest I could get a trailer from them.

While researching online I found Fred. Or maybe he found me. Either way the fact that I'm in California and he's in Michigan wasn't an issue to me. With an April finish date it was going to be worth the drive to be able to have a trailer early in the season so I could use it for pretty much the entire year and not just late summer.

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