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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Bloggess is coming to town y'all

I am jealous of The Bloggess (Jenny Lawson) for two reasons. One is because she's hilariously funny. The second is because she's from the South and can say y'all and it's super cute. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where we didn't have any regional words except for that we called soda "pop" and it wasn't until I moved to California that I realized if I asked for "pop" in a restaurant people would look at me like I had a third eye growing out of my forehead.

Jenny is funny, sometimes alarming honest, usually irreverent, and her posts brim with profanity. She writes about expanding and dressing up her anthropomorphic taxidermy collection (her dad is a professional taxidermist), ridiculous pitches she receives from people who want her to write about their companies, and the hysterical relationship that exists between her quirky self and her husband Victor, a man whose exasperation keeps me in stitches. Like the time she got him a giant metal chicken as an anniversary gift. And the following year when she got him a real live sloth wallaby.

She wrote a book that's been #1 on the New York Times best seller list. A year ago she traveled the country on a hardcover book tour. I didn't realize it until it was too late. But now the same book is being released in paperback (with a new chapter that wasn't included in the hardcover edition) so she'll be in the Bay Area (in April) along with some other cities nationwide beginning in March.

The Tour So Far (there are links to the locations and more details in this post on The Bloggess' website):

March 5 ~ Paramus, NJ Barnes & Noble, 7pm

March 6 ~ NYC, Upper West Side Barnes & Noble, 7pm

March 7 ~ Chicago, Anderson’s Bookshop, 7pm

March 8 ~ St. Louis, MO, Left Banks Books “Drink Out”, 7pm

March 18 ~ Louisville, KY Barnes & Noble, 7pm

March 19 ~ Dayton, OH Books & Co., 7pm

March 20 ~ Cincinnati, OH Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 7pm

March 21 ~ Kansas City, MO, Rainy Day Books, 7pm

April 1 ~ San Francisco, CA, Books Inc, 7pm

April 2 ~ Danville, CA Rakestraw, 7pm

April 3 ~ San Jose, CA Barnes & Noble, 7pm

April 4 ~ Phoenix, AZ Barnes & Noble, 7pm

I'm definitely going to haver her sign a book for me. And my friend Keith is going with me because she once wrote a post about him titled: An open letter to my friend, Keith, who unwittingly made me talk about penises at the post office. You see, Keith was tired of all of the penis enlargement ads that arrived in his email inbox as spam so he decided he needed to come up with a product that would do the opposite for men like himself who, ahem, had the opposite problem or so he says. The world needed penis reduction pills.

When I stumbled upon the post about Keith I couldn't believe he'd never told me she'd written about him. So I went on Facebook and asked him "You know I love the Bloggess so how could you NOT tell me she wrote a post about you???" His reply was something along the lines of "She wrote a post about me?" LOL He had no idea.

If you find profanity or cursing taxidermied animals dressed in clothes offensive, it's probably best to skip visiting her blog. If these things are within your range of acceptance you may want to check out The Bloggess and see if you enjoy her as much as I do.

April can't come soon enough!

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