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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Going Red on Facebook

As a country, for many years and in many ways, we have found ways to ignore the rights of many people at certain times for reasons that seemed just to some (or even many) at the time but with hindsight we've realized they were discriminatory. Because I believe all U.S. citizens deserve equal rights under our constitution today I am showing my support for marriage equality.

You are more than welcome to copy and use this image on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As far as I can see there simply isn't enough love in the world and I support love so that's part of why I support marriage equality. I also have many friends who would potentially benefit from Prop 8 being overturned. The thing is, while marriage may be considered by many to be a religious institution, the benefits and privileges a religious marriage creates reach far beyond churches and into the realm of civil rights. So there should be a civil marriage option that affords all couples the same spousal rights and benefits that heterosexual couples have been enjoying for decades.

I know people will be changing their Facebook avatars today to support marriage equality as the United States Supreme Court begins hearing the oral arguments about Proposition 8 and will either rule it unconstitutional, will uphold it, or can dismiss the case. I hope they will rule against which will mean that marriage is a constitutional right for all Americans.

And if you're wondering if it's ok to copy and use this image, absolutely it is! Please feel free to use it as your avatar or to share on social media to raise awareness today or any other day.

To use for any other purpose please contact me directly and describe your project/need.

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