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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Learning how to Dutch Oven cook at Omnivore Books

Last week while up in San Francisco to attend the re-launch part at SF80 I went to Omnivore Books because my best foodie friend Carl Mindling was with me and he'd never been there before. We met up with our mutual friend Armando Sarabia to check out the book store, then we went to Rooky Ricardo's before heading over to SF80.

I've blogged about Omnivore Books once before. It's small but loaded with a diverse range of cook books from vintage to modern. Definitely somewhere you'll want to visit if you love to use cook books to find new recipes.They also host a lot of book signings.

I always like to support small businesses so purchasing a book was on my agenda and it wasn't hard to find one I wanted. The problem was which one? There were so many.

I ended up with Dutch Oven Cooking by Terry Lewis, an award winning DO cook off competitor. The recipes look gourmet but the sand and stones on the cover alluded this is a camping cook book. There's just one problem. . . I don't own a Dutch Oven. Yet. It's to go in my tiny trailer that I also don't have yet. But I will soon.

I will most likely end up purchasing a Lodge 1 quart DO. It's small, but since I'll mostly be cooking for one the size should be just right. I became a huge fan of the Lodge brand after purchasing one of their small cast iron fry pans last year. I have to say it is fantastic. I've learned how to perfectly fry eggs in it and make golden brown hash browns from scratch. I've also worked hard at keeping it properly seasoned.

The way the DO works is you place hot coals beneath and on top of it turning the lidded pot into a mini oven. You can bake everything from biscuits, pizza, roasts, meat loaf, and even pie.

And even though I hate having my picture taken Armando snagged my camera away from me and got this shot while I was taking a browsing break. See how happy you'll feel when you visit Omnivore Books? We had a great time and I definitely look forward to my next visit.

Here's where to find:

Omnivore Books on Food - website
3885 Cesar Chavez St San Francisco, CA 94131
(415) 282-4712

And the cookware:

Lodge - website
Camp Ovens and Grills Click Here

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