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Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Sony Show is just one week away!

Big News! I found out yesterday my Unedited408 photo gallery will be on display at the Valley Fair Sony Style Store beginning March 28th.

The epitome of sublime, very slightly edited.

Today I wanted to share a picture with you that I took using the NEX-5R Micro Four Thirds camera Sony gave me to use for the challenge.

A sunrise in the 408 area code. It was one of my favorite shots I took for the challenge. Can you guess where I took it? I'll give you a clue now and tell you at the end of the post. It's not in the country, it's in a city that's situated right along HWY 17.

A close up of the same image.

Even though I love the serenity the image evokes I decided not to include it in my 50 images.

See them?

The problem was two small water droplets that landed and dried on my lens. When I saw them later that morning I was really bummed. I was kicking myself asking: "How could I not notice them?" Well, for starters it was dark out. And I was tired since I got there before sunrise. *Sigh* I was so disappointed.

Once I got over not being able to use it in my gallery I couldn't bring myself to delete the image so I used Photoshop to edit them out.

If nothing else I learned a valuable lesson to make sure my lens is always clean. Which was all the more annoying because right in my camera bag I had both a soft cloth and a small container of lens cleaner in a spray bottle.

Lesson learned.

If you want to come see my Unedited408 exhibit filled with 50 images that didn't have water spots on them, just drop by the Sony Store at Valley Fair Mall on March 28th, 2013. I'll post the exhibit end date when I learn what it is. The store is on the ground level and back (north) side of the mall. That's the side that runs along Forest Avenue. Maybe I'll even see you there!

Sony Style Store - Westfield Valley Fair Mall - Map
2855 Stevens Creek Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(408) 246-9110 ‎

An almost unedited image minus the two water spots.

Oh and that sunrise picture? I took it from the top of the west parking garage at the Pruneyard Shopping Center. The tower is part of the Pruneyard Plaza Hotel. In all that blackness are trees, shops, and a parking lot. I love how even in the city, with no editing, you can create an image of peaceful solitude that transports your imagination to a quiet country scape.

Final Results from the Sony NEX-5R Unedited408 (4/28/13) with all 50 images.

Disclosure: While I'm not receiving payment for participating, I am receiving compensation in the form of the camera and lens to use for the project and to keep after. This does not mean I am obligated to give a positive review of the camera or lens. My opinions are my own and accurate regarding my experience with the NEX-5R.  #Sony408 #SonyStore

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