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Friday, March 1, 2013

Teardrop Trailer Build Update: Flooring and Walls

Latest trailer update! We have a floor. And walls. And aluminum wall framing and ribs. And rigid foam board insulation.

Fred (my trailer builder) is making tremendous progress!

That's the aluminum floor. Well the first layer of the floor.

The floor will be three layers: Metal to keep the outside out, foam board to insulate, then a wood interior. Originally the interior flooring surface was going to be a roll out linoleum but then I couldn't find a fun or flirty linoleum. They all look like kitchen or entryway flooring, in  other words very drab and utilitarian. So then I decided to do a hand painted floor. That way I can make it whatever color and pattern I want it to be. It's going to be really cute!

Here's the underside of the floor.

Then Fred added the aluminum ribs. They're the hollow tubing cross bars that connect the two sidewalls together and will hold the piece of wood that comprises the interior front, ceiling, and rear wall. On top of the wood will be a layer of foam board, then the exterior aluminum skin. The ribs are riveted into place so they'll be strong and sturdy.

He also used them to frame out the sidewalls. The reason he chose aluminum over steel is for its lighter weight.

Fred will be painting the interior wood walls for me before he assembles the trailer so soon the inside will be pink and flirty. The wood panels will be riveted to the metal framing.

The blue rigid foam board works as an insulating layer. It's lightweight and waterproof which is a huge added benefit when building a trailer as traditional wood walls are both heavy and inevitably suffer dry rot when a leak develops.

Here you can see the ribs and one of the window cut outs.

Another interior shot of the Driver's side window. The vertical yellow bar to the left is the frame to the doorway.

Proper ventilation is important because I don't want to suffer carbon monoxide poisoning, something I've read is possible to do in teardrop trailers because a lot of people build them airtight. I haven't read about anyone actually dying, but have read some people have gotten woozy from lack of oxygen. Fred also suggested adding two small passive vents for the same reason. I thought it was a good plan.

So this is the vent/fan. It's a Fan-Tastic Vent. There are several models to choose from. I didn't get the least or most expensive model. This one has a fan that blows in and out and a built in thermostat so it will turn on automatically when it gets too hot inside the trailer. I figured being able to blow hot air out when the trailer's been parked in the sun during the day and drawing cool air in on hot summer evenings would be a nice touch.

And here's the interior of the tongue box. It can also be the foot extension area in case anyone taller than 6' ever needs to sleep in the trailer. LOL

See the yellow tongue? That's the part I was worried I'd trip over if we'd painted it black. LOL. Now I should be able to see it day or night.

The most recent two items I've shipped to Fred in Michigan for the trailer have arrived. Today's high temperature in Michigan is forecasted to be 30º with a low of 14º. His last words to me in the email that came (to California) with these images?

"Paint sample & lock received. Send sunshine, Fred"

To follow the entire build thread from beginning to end just click on the "Trailer - Build" category on the side bar or CLICK HERE.

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To follow the entire build thread from beginning to end just click on the "Trailer - Build" category on the side bar or CLICK HERE.

To view all of my trailer gear and decorating posts CLICK HERE.

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