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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trailer Update: Almost done!

I swear. If my trailer were my daughter these shots would be the equivalent of her prom pictures. LOL. She looks all grown up outside in the sunlight. Seriously, it almost brings a tear to my eye :´)

I was joking with Fred, my trailer builder after I saw these pictures that if a 10 foot Shasta is a canned ham she must be a canned SPAM.

I have to say I really love my baby moon hubcaps from Vintage Trailer Supply and that we powder coated the chassis, wheels, and fenders yellow. They make the whole thing *POP* even before painting the cabin.

She's so tiny! She looks smaller now than she has in his garage. It makes her even cuter!

The door is large for easy entry and egress and so that if I ever want to use the trailer to haul anything I'll be able to get things in and out no problem.

One of the last things Fred has left to do is to cover the tongue box. Then he has to wait for me to come to Michigan to pick her up.

A lot of owners name their trailers, kind of like boats. I have a name chosen but haven't decided when or how to reveal it. I may tell you soon, or make you wait until it's painted on her.

The trailer that inspired me to want one in the first place is named Audree.

I don't even recall how I stumbled upon Tiffany's blog The Fancy Farmgirl. Come to think of it, I was  probably searching for Tiny Houses for my "Favorite Spaces" Pinterest board.

That's when I saw a post titled "THE CUTEST LITTLE TRAILER IN A COUNTRY MILE." It was all about Audree and full of fantastic pictures (Tiffany is a professional, free-lance photographer). She had purchased and decorated her vintage, 1959, Fireball trailer and, well, the rest is history.

It was my first introduction to the concept of glamping (camping in a glamorous way). It took just one look and I was hooked! Can you blame me? Have you ever seen anything more fun and flirty than Audree? I hadn't. In my heart of hearts I wanted a tiny trailer right then and there.

While I'd love to have something as large as Audree size considerations included not wanting to upgrade my everyday car to a larger, gas guzzling, tow vehicle, storage, parking, and even towing all made me lean towards thinking that, for lil' ol' me taking overnight trips around the Bay Area, smaller would be better.

My trailer will never look as vintage cool as Audree but I'm hoping it'll look just as cute in its own way.

If you love vintage travel trailers as much as I do go check out Tiffany's blog. Here are direct links to more posts about Audree:


By the time you come back I'll probably have a new trailer update published for you to catch up on :)

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